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600,000+ Workers of Energy Services Sector Thank Representatives for Supporting Industry

The Energy Workforce & Technology Council applauds Rep. Cuellar, Rep. Vela, Rep. Gonzalez, Rep. Garcia, Rep. Veasey, Rep. Allred and Rep. Fletcher for standing up to support 2.6 million men and women who work in the oil and natural gas industry. The proposed tax provisions targeted at the oil and natural gas industry could crush American energy development, causing massive industry job losses, stifling state and local economies, increasing energy costs for working families all while adversely affecting the environment by pushing production overseas. 

Should these provisions go through, America will become increasingly reliant on foreign sources of energy. This energy will be more expensive and will be produced without strict environmental controls in many instances. The industry thanks all supporters of this letter and will continue to fight alongside these Members of Congress for the men and women of the industry and support reliable, affordable energy to Americans. 

Read the letter.

For more information about this issue or the Council’s advocacy efforts, contact SVP Government Affairs Tim Tarpley.

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