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PESA Board Member Richard Alabaster, President – Surface Technologies, TechnipFMC Shares Insights on Becoming and Being a Leader

alabaster2On September 14, the PESA Emerging Leaders Committee hosted its bimonthly leadership forum with PESA Board Member Richard Alabaster, President – Surface Technologies, TechnipFMC. Leadership forums allow member company high performers to interact with industry executives through open dialogue structured around a targeted theme. In this forum, Alabaster shared his insights on becoming and being a leader.

Becoming a Leader

  • Diagnose
    • Ask questions – get the good and the bad
    • Understand organization strengths, weakness and issues
    • Synthesize into coherent situation analysis
  • Strategize
    • Work with team and/or stakeholder to develop a strong vision and strategy
    • Use consultants sparingly
    • Take the time and put in the effort. It is always worth it
  • Organize
    • All efforts back to fundamental principles
    • Marshall resources and put the right people in the right roles to execute strategy
    • Set clear expectations and accountability

Being a Leader

  • Articulate and Motivate
    • Communicate vision & strategy to the whole team, supervisor (s), and peers
    • Get buy-in, drive motivation and execution
    • Be passionate – get some charisma!
  • Set the Example
    • You will be called upon to arbitrate and decide. Always do so in line with the vision & strategy, don’t be arbitrary!
    • Always explain citing the vision & strategy – don’t be perceived as arbitrary!
    • Call stop on anything out of line with the vision & strategy (drive focus)
  • Manage Risks
    • Think (way) ahead
    • Explicitly identify risks, head them off and/or have a back-up plan
    • If something in your vision & strategy isn’t working, change it!
"It is a leader's responsibility to develop strong vision and strategy, and to make sure all efforts tie back to those fundamental principles,” Alabaster said.
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