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PESA Launches ESG Survey Assessing Membership Maturity

As part of PESA’s efforts to lead the OFS sector on ESG, the Association is launching a survey assessing the sector’s maturity on its efforts in each dimension.

Results from the survey will provide insights on the level of ESG maturity of respondents at an aggregate level. The survey content concerns current and future trends in ESG within the OFS industry.

The ESG survey is intended for OFS company leadership (CEO, COO, or direct reports from relevant domains – operations, sustainability, industry relations, business development, business unit leads). PESA encourages its membership to complete the survey by July 1.

Throughout PESA’s Knowledge Sharing Certificate Program these survey results will serve as a base of discussion for Environmental, Social and Governance dimensions. Additionally, these webinars facilitated by Accenture will offer keynote speaker insight into structure and methods, KPI frameworks and best practices and cross industries examples. All who complete the program will receive a PESA ESG Knowledge Sharing Program Certification.

For more information on PESA’s ESG Maturity Survey or the Knowledge Sharing Program. please contact Tim Tarpley, Vice President Government Affairs.

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