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PESA Welcomes New Member Company

Please join PESA in welcoming new Member Company Patterson-UTI.

Patterson-UTIPatterson-UTI is an oil well drilling contractor whose expertise and scale in major operational areas provides a diverse network of drilling and pressure pumping services, directional drilling, rental equipment and technology. Patterson’s oilfield solutions deliver results that lead businesses into the next generation of oil and gas.
Patterson UTI is headquartered in Houston and William A. Hendricks, Jr. is President & CEO.

Patterson-UTI will also be joining PESA’s Credit Interchange Division (CID).

“PESA’s ability to deliver on the needs of the diverse oilfield services and equipment sector is shown by our continued growth in membership,” said PESA President Leslie Beyer. “We are pleased to have Patterson-UTI join us as PESA strengthens individual companies, unifies our sector, and promotes the entire oil and gas industry.”
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