Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary

D&I Tips and Tools: Boosting Diversity in the Workplace

By PESA Engagement Committee Chair Debra Martinez, Exterran

Managing diversity in the workplace is a skill that leadership must develop in order to drive success within an organization. The way that one individual is managed may not necessarily be the way another individual is managed. It is important that as a leader, your management style may be adjusted as needed to accommodate an increasingly diverse workforce.


  • Gender-diverse companies outperform their industry medians
  • Gender-diverse companies generate more cash flow
  • Investors expect companies to have more women on their board of directors


  • Stay connected to your employees and find out what motivates them
  • Set your teams up for success by leveraging different viewpoints for collaboration
  • Provide frequent feedback for alignment to deliver results and transparent communication

Using these tools across a workforce made up of employees of different race, age, gender or any number of qualities that make your workforce unique will create a more engaged and motivated team that is ready to deliver meaningful results.

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