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Download a comprehensive set of talking points designed to educate the workforce on how to effectively communicate the importance and value of the energy industry. The “Energy Workforce of Today and Tomorrow” document provides a detailed overview of the industry’s critical role in powering homes, businesses, and communities, as well as its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and workforce development. Empower your employees to confidently and accurately discuss the valuable contributions our industry makes to society.

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Business Intelligence

Specific insights from operators and market analysts who offer sector-specific data

Workforce Development

Cultivating specialized skills to meet the dynamic needs of the energy sector


Advocates on behalf of the industry, educates policy makers and public on what we do and why it matters

Houston State Department Energy Course

About Us

Energy Workforce & Technology Council is the national trade association for the global energy technology and services sector, representing more than 650,000 U.S. jobs in the technology-driven energy value chain. Energy Workforce works to advance member policy priorities and empower the energy workforce of the future. Learn more …


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