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Inclusion & Diversity Business Champion Certification Program Draws to a Close

PESA’s industry-leading Inclusion and Diversity Business Champion Certification Program concluded with a final seminar on November 10 devoted to discussion of how to implement and sustain what they’ve learned throughout the program to build momentum for change within their companies.

The Sustain/Continue to Build seminar, facilitated by PESA Advisory Board Member Dave Warnick, Vice President Human Resources, Weir Oil & Gas, included remarks by Chad Covey, Consultant, Spencer Stuart, an ESG expert and energy industry recruiter. Spencer Stuart provided participants with a self-assessment prior to the seminar to help them analyze personality characteristics everyone has and how they show up at work. During a Q&A session, Covey helped participants understand how to use the information provided by the assessment and the different combinations present within an organization.

When asked how to weave talent management with differing working styles and culture, Covey said that when you think about talent management and the culture of an organization, there’s often very little time spent on developing a long-term company culture.

[su_pullquote]“It starts at the top. An organization’s culture is a shadow of its leaders,” Covey said.[/su_pullquote]

The participants posed questions to delve further into their analyses and Covey provided his insight on how to utilize the information provided by the assessment and the different combinations that can be found within an organization. One specific question involved using the assessment in the OFS sector and where oilfield service companies fall within the examples of corporate culture.

“If you think about where the OFS world goes from here, I think there are a couple of items you have to consider. How do you recruit and retain people in cultures where you’re dealing with companies and sectors that are a whole lot more flexible with their workforces?” Covey said. “While safety and results are ever important for the sector, I think finding ways to become more flexible and agile will be critical, especially since we’re such a global sector.”

The group then entered a lively discussion with keynote speaker, Nellie Borrero, Managing Director, Senior Global Inclusion & Diversity Lead, Accenture, who expanded on themes she discussed in remarks provided to participants in advance of the webinar. Conversation focused on understanding what Borrero terms the “awkward ally” (an individual who wants to help but doesn’t know how), and suggestions on additional reading to continue learning about inclusion and diversity.

[su_quote cite=”Nellie Borrero, Accenture”]“In the space of allies, it is so clear we need our allies across diversity. When we talk to people who are feeling a little hesitant to engage in conversation and offer up more support, there is some awkwardness. My recommendation to people is if you know you’re feeling a sense of awkwardness, a sense of hesitation, then pause and ask yourself how do you expand that awareness? What resources do you go to?” [/su_quote]

The breakouts were followed by a live discussion with a panel of experts who provided their perspectives on I&D, Emily Lopez, Manager, Talent Strategy & Development, ConocoPhillips, John Daniel, Founder & President, Daniel Energy Partners, and Celine Gerson, VP Global Account Director bp, Schlumberger. Lopez shared best practices around metrics used by ConocoPhillips, Daniel provided the perspective of investors and his experience with a business startup, and Gerson discussed the need for varied strategies with different I&D groups.

Lopez mentioned that ConocoPhillips has an I&D metrics dashboard that provides global demographics and metrics across trends. She said she has seen a stronger demand for metrics and transparency.

“We’re seeing a lot of changes in this space externally,” Lopez said. “We’re seeing an evolution from shareholders and their expectations. We’re thinking what metrics do we want to be proactive around?”

Gerson agreed that I&D needs to be prioritized.

[su_quote cite=”Celine Gerson, Schlumberger”]“D&I needs to be prioritized, especially in this difficult environment. This is important from a financial investment standpoint because it is truly linked to strong returns. The more diverse you are, the more innovative you are becoming.” [/su_quote]

Daniel said that since his company is a startup with limited resources, he’s found a need to be creative while trying to build for the future.

“Common sense and character are important,” Daniel said. 

To complete the program and join the graduation ceremony in January, participants must complete a short report on the I&D plans they developed during the certification program, and how they intend to implement them personally and within their companies.

PESA looks forward to celebrating with the group of more than 50 participants as they graduate in January 2021 as the inaugural class of the PESA Inclusion & Diversity Business Champion Program.

The 2021 cohort is open for registration. Visit the PESA events page for more information.

For additional information, contact PESA Director Member Services Carolynn Henriquez.



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