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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Inclusion & Diversity Leaders Further the Discussion During Networking

networkingPESA’s industry-leading Inclusion and Diversity Business Champion Program brought participants together for a structured networking session to dig deeper into previously presented material and to discuss ways to make real and lasting change at their organizations.

Participants in the networking session were provided questions in advance to prepare them for small-group discussions. The small group setting helped participants analyze inclusion and diversity challenges and discuss best practices that might guide addressing them.

The program, which includes interactive seminars, peer coaching and executive sponsorship, guides participants in developing detailed plans to lead meaningful changes within their companies. When the pandemic hit, PESA transitioned the program to a virtual format, which allowed more individuals to enroll. PESA also expanded the scope of material covered to reflect the current racial equality climate.

The group meets next on October 20 for a “Talent Pipeline and Retention” webinar with a keynote speaker, a panel of industry experts and facilitated discussions and planning. PESA remains a leading resource in the inclusion and diversity sphere and looks forward to continuing to expand on this important initiative.

To get involved in the 2021 cohort or for more information, please contact Director Membership Services Carolynn Henriquez.



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