PESA 2014 Supply Chain Seminar

Strategic Supply Chain Management
Josheph Roussel, Partner, PwC, Strategy and Operations Practice

2014 PESA Supply Chain Conference
Mike Bahorich, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Apache Corporation

Supply Chain Opportunities and Challenges in the Oil & Gas Market
David Vaucher, Director, Upstream Operating Costs Forum, IHS – CERA

2013 CID Annual Meeting

Credit Risk Management Options: Alternatives to Just Saying “No”
David D. Tawil, Co-Founder, ETG Capital and Portfolio Manager, Maglan Capital
Download (PDF–404kb)

Hydraulic Fracture Technology: Just How Will This Affect My Credit Decisions & Trends
Carl Doré, Jr., President, Doré Law Group, P.C.
Download (PDF–1.39 MB)

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