Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary

Where we Stand

Energy Workforce is a leading force providing the oilfield services sector with up-to-date resources to navigate an ever-evolving ESG landscape. We’re committed to promoting and sharing best practices on ESG with our members so they can continue the vital work of providing energy to the world in a safe, sustainable and responsible way.

Energy Workforce Member Companies will work to provide the world with the energy it needs in the most environmentally safe, efficient and responsible way possible.

Energy Workforce Member Companies will conduct business in a manner that respects and contributes to the communities in which they operate; work to hire diverse teams from within these communities; and operate with a high degree of integrity and with a focus on corporate responsibility at all times.

Energy Workforce Member Companies will commit to a lower carbon future through investments in technology, efficiency and collaboration with cross industry partners. Sustainability solutions will be achieved through technological innovations developed by our member companies.


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