ESG Certification Program

Energy Workforce’s ESG Certification Program presents ESG best practices to educate members and cross industry partners on evolving ESG criteria and reporting. Companies within the oil and gas industry are aware of society’s expectations and the many opportunities and challenges that the future holds. The program demonstrates the need for robust reporting and communication going forward. The program will share practical guidelines on why, how, and what to report and thorough guidance on developing a reporting strategy and framework.

Organizations must be responsive to society’s shifting expectations around ESG and open to adapting to the many opportunities and challenges that the future holds. The program, the only one focused solely on the energy industry, provides participants with the knowledge and tools needed to implement and sustain an ESG program.

The comprehensive curriculum includes a series of lectures, best practice knowledge sharing and interactive discussions on frameworks, materiality, and reporting relevant to the industry. Participants will learn how to think through their company’s ESG approach and reporting framework to provide investors and other interested stakeholders with the information they need. Each program session builds on the previous with an emphasis on information sharing, networking and engagement.



  • Program course-book
  • Four half-day interactive online webinars
  • Four best practice knowledge sharing sessions
  • Two executive coaching sessions
  • Two accountability partner meetings
  • Attendance at two Council Meetings
  • Final report outlining plan for internal integration
  • Optional additional activities provided during course


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