Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary

Operations Leadership Program


November 16-17, Houston

The Operations Leadership Program is a two-day seminar with a one-on-one executive coaching session designed to transform managers from individual contributors into effective leaders by learning about their personality preferences and understanding how they interact with their team. Change management, goal setting and effective communication are a few of the tools that will be shared.

The Operations Leadership Program materials are suitable for frontline workers, service crew, operators, maintenance technicians, project managers, shift managers, warehouse managers and anyone new to a role in operations. Participants will receive a one-on-one executive coaching session after the initial two-day seminar.


  • Leadership Essentials
  • Understanding Personalities and Behavioral Styles
  • Mastering Change and Change Management
  • Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Strategies for Effective Communication
  • Managing Offsite Workers
  • Stakeholder Management and Managing Up
  • Staffing and Recruiting Critical Talent
Energy Workforce held its first Operations Leadership Program of 2023 in Houston this week where...
Energy Workforce held the first Operations Leadership Program in Houston in mid-November, where participants gathered...


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