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2020 State Legislative Outlook: Colorado

As state legislatures begin their 2020 sessions, topics affecting the oil and gas industry will once again be on the agenda. Here are some issues to watch in Colorado.

With the success of the legislature’s new energy regulatory agenda in 2019, including sweeping oil and gas reform, many supporters are pushing lawmakers to take it to the next level. There are expectations that lawmakers will try to increase the state’s ability to monitor air quality levels and enforce violations more consistently.

With the Environmental Protection Agency changing the classification of ozone levels in several counties from moderate to serious, lawmakers are looking for ways to reduce ground-level ozone pollution. The activist group behind the recent legislative reforms plans to push lawmakers to increase setbacks required for well sites, as well as to put in place a plan requiring oil companies to front clean-up money prior to drilling. The session began January 8 and will run through May.

For more information on state policy outlooks, contact Senior Director Government Affairs Kristin Hincke.



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