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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Celebrating 90 Years of Excellence

In Our Element: 90 Years
of Energy Workforce

Since its foundation in 1933, Energy Workforce has served as a reflection of the men and women working in the services and technology sector of the U.S. energy industry. 
In an era where economic stability and workers’ rights were emerging priorities, the American Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association was established to serve as a liaison between the government and the oilfield industry in the development of a fair practice code for the oilfield equipment sector.


In 1938, the Association adopted the name Petroleum Equipment and Suppliers Association (PESA) , which grew  exponentially in size and influence over decades of operation. The organization solidified its place as the preeminent energy technology and services association with the 2021 merger of PESA and the Association of Energy Service Companies (AESC) — becoming the Energy Workforce & Technology Council.

Through 90 years of challenges and successes the industry remains “In Our Element,” building on the foundations of the past while trailblazing the future of energy.

We were “In Our Element” codifying the first safety standards, and we are in our element today developing and deploying the latest completions technology.

We were “In Our Element” providing fuel to support our allies during WWII, and we continue providing fuel to our allies in Europe today.

We are “In Our Element” answering every call to provide the cleanest and most efficiently produced energy in the world.

All the while, the world lives “In Our Element,” utilizing hydrocarbons to spur advancements in every industry to sustain our modern way of life.

While the industry has transformed over the last 90 years, the spirit of hard work and innovation that defines the individuals of the Energy Workforce has never faded. 

That enduring spirit has earned the U.S. energy industry the reputation of reliability, ingenuity and success that powers the world.  

“Congratulations to the Energy Workforce & Technology Council on its 90th anniversary. For the past 90 years, Energy Workforce has reflected the spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence that defines the industry. With Energy Workforce at its side, the men and women of the energy services and technology sector are leading the global energy revolution, while meeting the ever-growing global demand for energy on which the world relies.”  
Board Chair Brian Groody
Vice President – OFSE North America Land
Baker Hughes
“Throughout history, the oilfield services, equipment and technology workforce has withstood market and geopolitical challenges while meeting global demand. At the same time, the workforce has continued to innovate and develop the technology and resources needed to power us into the future. Today, we are focused on the future, expanding our reach, lifting-up the energy workforce, while honoring those who built the foundation to power the world through the energy revolution of this century and beyond.”
President Molly Determan
Energy Workforce & Technology Council
"I am thrilled and honored to lead Energy Workforce as Vice-Chair during our momentous 90th year anniversary. This milestone represents both our organization's rich history and dedication to the oilfield service industry, and more recently the success in serving the evolving energy landscape. As one of the founding member companies, NOV is committed to continuing our leadership on important industry issues, shaping the future for years to come. Together, we celebrate our achievements and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Our collaborative efforts and innovative solutions ensure progress, fueling daily activities and driving prosperity for people worldwide."
PESA Advisory Board Member Scott Livingston
Board Vice Chair Scott Livingston
President, Intervention & Stimulation Equipment
"Congratulations, Energy Workforce on the 90th anniversary of an association that has grown alongside the sector to represent companies at the forefront of innovative energy solutions. This milestone anniversary puts a spotlight on the critical role of education to foster a deeper understanding of energy technologies. Energy Workforce has an unwavering commitment to educating the workforce, nurturing future leaders and paving the way for a transformative energy landscape and a promising future for generations to come." 
Chair Emeritus Galen Cobb
“The important role Energy Workforce has played in the advancement of the U.S. oil and gas industry over the past 90 years cannot be understated.  Energy Workforce has become an effective voice to advocate for policies that support and protect the 650,000 men and women from all over the country that make up our sector.”  
Board Member Todd Ennenga
Director, Government Affairs
"Throughout its rich history, Energy Workforce & Technology Council has been a trusted ally to the services sector, advocating for regulatory frameworks and policies that ensure a secure and stable supply chain. I look forward to the association's future, as it continues to play a pivotal role in the energy landscape." 
Chair Emeritus Bob Potter
Oil States International
"Energy Workforce is at the forefront of bringing companies together to collaborate and develop innovative industry solutions. By fostering a platform for collective action, we are paving the way for meaningful progress and advancements in our sector. Our strong Permian Chapter stands as a testament to our commitment to critical regional engagement, ensuring that we have our ear to the ground on important issues. Together, we are driving positive change and shaping the future of the oilfield service industry."
Board Member Sam Sledge
President & CEO
ProPetro Services
“Over the past 90 years, U.S. energy production has become safer, cleaner and more efficient. From developing the first safety code to the deployment of the high-tech systems we use today, Energy Workforce has been a devoted partner to the individuals advancing the energy services and technology sector. Congratulations Energy Workforce, the industry would not be what it is today without you.” 
Board Chair Daniel Hindes
Vice President – Well Servicing
ClearWell Dynamics
“Energy Workforce has been the voice of the energy services and technology sector for 90 years, and we will continue to build our influence to represent the industry through the 21st century. Our members have proven time and again they have the experience and expertise to provide unmatched energy production that is providing our nation and our allies with the energy security to bolster the global economy. The energy workforce is above all innovative, dedicated and again leading the world through the next energy expansion.”
President Tim Tarpley
Energy Workforce & Technology Council
“As a legacy member of the organization, we are pleased and honored to have been a part of Energy Workforce's journey. SLB has demonstrated longstanding leadership within the association, actively contributing to its growth and success. Our unwavering passion for solving the industry's most pressing challenges is deeply rooted in collaboration and together with Energy Workforce, we are dedicated to driving innovation and shaping a sustainable future for the oilfield service sector.”  
Board Member Lyndal Cissell
President Americas Land
"Energy Workforce plays a vital role in our sector, providing initiatives that touch many aspects of our industry and its workforce. Our long-standing scholarship program benefits dependents of employees, fostering educational opportunities and nurturing the next generation of talent. By funding energy education for students nationwide we inspire future innovators and leaders shaping a bright and prosperous future for the energy service sector.” 
Board Member Chuck Chauviere
President, Pressure Control Systems
"Energy Workforce & Technology Council and the entire industry have evolved significantly over the past 90 years. But what has been true through market cycles, advancements in technologies and navigating ever-changing political landscapes, is the association's unwavering dedication to the energy workforce of the present and future. Congratulations on 90 years of excellence. It is a remarkable milestone." 
Chair Emeritus Paul Coppinger
“Energy Workforce has the unique ability to execute and deliver on a wide range of initiatives. Whether supporting the development of sector specific best practices or providing education and advocacy on behalf of the industry, Energy Workforce has differentiated itself amongst its peers over the past 90 years.”  
Board Member Ron Gusek
Liberty Energy
“Energy Workforce reflects the dynamic character of the individuals the organization represents. From education and training, to advocacy and building pathways for critical conversations with our customers, Energy Workforce never fails to deliver on the ever-changing needs of our industry.” 
Board Member Kyle Ramachandran
President & CFO
Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure


As part of the monthly “In Our Element” series honoring Energy Workforce’s 90th Anniversary, we are highlighting how the men and women of Energy Workforce are “Changing the Element” through the evolution of energy production
over the past 90 years.   READ MORE

Through the years

  • 1859: First commercial oil well drilled (Titusville, Pennsylvania) by Col. Edwin Drake
  • 1901: Birth of modern oil industry with well drilled at Spindletop
  • 1922: Invention of the Blowout Preventor by Harry Cameron and Jim Abercrombie
  • 1927: Creation of the first well log
  • 1928: Armais Arutunoff invents the REDA Pump, an electric submersible pump for use at the bottom of oil boreholes
  • 1932: Lane-Wells creates perforating guns for dry holes
  • 1933: American Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association (former PESA) founded with almost 900 members to write the equipment manufacturers’ oil code
  • 1933: Invention of tri-cone drill bit
  • 1938: The first carbon capture plant was proposed
  • 1940: Texas becomes top oil producing state
  • 1940s: Height of WWII production, 4.7 million barrels per day
  • 1943: PESA Member Company earned the Army-Navy E Flag for its wartime manufacturing contributions.
  • 1947: First induction log implemented
  • 1947: First fixed-platform well was drilled in federal waters 12 miles south of the Louisiana coast in 16 feet of water
  • 1949: Introduction of hydraulic fracturing
  • 1955: PESA created the Credit Interchange Division, operating as a cooperative venture between member companies and facilitating the confidential exchange of up-to-date ledger experience
  • 1956: Association of Oilwell Servicing Contractors (precursor to Association of Energy Services Company or AESC) formed
  • 1963: 3-D seismic technology developed
  • 1972: The first large-scale project to inject CO2 into the ground launched in the Sharon Ridge oilfield in Texas
  • 1977: First Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) unit was built.
  • 1978: Release of first measurement while drilling (MWD) toll
  • 1982: Release of the top drive
  • 1986: The first commercial horizontal well was drilled in the Austin Chalk formation in Texas
  • 1991: PESA Member Companies lead efforts to contain Kuwait oil field fires
  • 1994: The first deepwater oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico’s Mars field
  • 1995: 4-D seismic imaging emerges
  • 1997: Birth of modern horizonal drilling and first application of modern fracking, ushering in the shale revolution throughout the U.S.
  • 2001: Largest fracking proppants vessel for deepwater work introduced in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • 2015: U.S. ended the export ban of crude oil
  • 2016: U.S. began exporting LNG from the lower 48 states
  • 2019: First methane monitoring project deployed on North Sea using MARS technology
  • 2021: PESA and AESC merge to form largest energy technology and services trade association Energy Workforce & Technology Council

2023: Energy Workforce & Technology Council celebrates 90 years of excellence


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