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Axios Reporter Amy Harder Discusses Global Implications of Oil & Gas War

PESA hosted a town hall with Axios reporter Amy Harder on March 26. Harder reports on energy and climate change and is the author of the weekly column Harder Line. She outlined her thoughts regarding the oil and gas war between Saudi Arabia and Russia and the global implications.

Harder does not believe President Trump sees the oil crisis as a priority at this point. He views the industry through the lens of a consumer and, therefore, sees low gas prices at the pump as a plus in the economic recovery.

For those who see the decline in emissions due to the global crisis as a positive, Harder compares them to a person who is excited about losing weight while weathering an illness. It’s not a realistic solution to a problem and could lead to more issues. Emissions always go down during an economic crisis and as China discusses lessening emission requirements for cars as a way to kick start their economy, Harder sees emissions increasing globally.

Climate change will take a back seat to economic recovery, according to Harder. This will create internal battles for Progressives, as the option to use more natural gas as an energy source becomes the best choice.

Harder believes the oil crisis won’t get President Trump’s attention until it affects our country’s energy dominance. And as Saudi Arabia starts to feel the effects of this price war, the Middle East could see an increase in unrest and ultimately more terrorism, putting the world at risk.

If you have questions, please contact PESA VP Government Affairs Tim Tarpley.



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