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Conscious Leadership for HR Teams Workshop Addresses Cultivating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

Conscious Leadership for HR Teams Workshop Energy Workforce Group Photo

Human Resources leaders from various organizations gathered last week to attend the Conscious Leadership for HR Teams Workshop, a forum which addressed topics such as leaning into inclusive leadership behaviors and intentionally taking action to consciously build a culture of inclusion and belonging.

The workshop led by Shanta Eaden, Leader’s Edge, provided opportunities for participants to engage in discussions, exercises and breakouts related to equipping HR leaders with the practical tools needed to demonstrate inclusion through action, as well as application.

The morning began with the participants discussing the definitions of conscious, leadership and inclusion. They also talked about inclusion in action, identifying what stands in the way of full inclusion within their organizations.

Another topic which resonated with the group was the biases we see within companies when recruiting and interviewing candidates. Participants talked about challenges around attracting a diverse and successful talent pool and then removing identifying information so the best person can be chosen for the position.

“Bias is something we see every day, especially as teams review resumes. Although we know we will see it, we need to be intentional about how we address it during the hiring process. Having systems in place to remove typical biases can be very helpful.”

-Program Participant

The group also addressed the importance of assertive communication, speaking up and taking action in the workplace.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to speak up when you see or hear something off-putting because you don’t want to be too forceful, aggressive or emotional,” said one participant. “You want to be respectful but get your point across and know you’re being heard.”

Challenges around this topic were shared amongst the group and helpful tactics and tools, like the DESO model, were shared to help guide the HR leaders through inclusive conversations.

The day wrapped with the participants reflecting on the discussions and sharing their key take-aways from the workshop.

“My biggest ‘a-ha’ moment was around equity vs. equality. As HR leaders we need to ensure those in executive leadership understand the difference between those two words. The group discussion made me realize the importance of verbiage we are using around diversity and inclusion in general and how we are talking about it with leadership.”

-Program Participant

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