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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Council CEO Discusses Global Energy Crunch on Bloomberg Radio

Energy Workforce & Technology Council CEO Leslie Beyer
Council CEO Leslie Beyer

Council CEO Leslie Beyer joined Bloomberg Radio last week to discuss the global energy crunch and what can be done about it, with hosts Paul Sweeney and Kailey Leinz.

“We have a brewing energy crisis because we’ve had underinvestment in oil and gas. We’re seeing increased demand as everyone tries to recover from the pandemic, and we need to be able to produce oil and gas and deliver the energy we need here in the U.S.”

Council CEO Leslie Beyer

“I represent about 500 companies in the energy services and technology sector that do just that, and they develop technologies to produce oil and gas in a cleaner way with fewer emissions,” Beyer said.

She told Bloomberg that the U.S. industry doesn’t want to see President Biden asking OPEC, Russia and Saudi Arabia to boost production to meet demand.

“We have vast resources in the United States. We want to be able to boost production here,” she said.

The obstacles to increased production in the U.S. are primarily policy, not technology Beyer said.

“We’ve had core policy choices and reduced investment in the sector that are blocking us from being able to produce what we need. We’re ready to go. When we export natural gas to Asia and other places around the world, they’re not burning coal, which helps us achieve environmental and climate goals.”

Beyer said the energy services sector has a major role to play in the future of energy.

“The critical thing to know about the energy services workforce is that these jobs are highly skilled and highly technical. They know how to deliver energy projects at scale. We’re also building a more diverse workforce that’s going to continue to innovate in the oil and gas industry.”

The interview also delved into new technologies revolutionizing oil and gas production, workforce challenges and supply chain issues.

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