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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy Workforce Welcomes New Member Kahuna Workforce Solutions


Kahuna Workforce Solutions has become the latest company to join the Energy Workforce & Technology Council.

Founded in 2018, Kahuna Workforce Solutions has rapidly become a leading provider of skills management software. Kahuna comes from a deep background in people data modeling, core business processes and understanding the HR systems landscape. 

Kahuna’s mission is to empower the enterprise to create a more competitive and skilled workforce. Kahuna’s modern skills management platform helps organizations gain a validated and objective view of their workforce capabilities, align talent supply against current and future demand, and increase the return on training investment.

Kahuna is headquartered in Houston. Jai Shah is CEO and co-founder.

“Adding new members increases the Council’s ability to elevate the energy services and technology sector. By combining our strengths, we speak with a unified voice that’s heard by lawmakers, regulators and the public. We are glad to welcome Kahuna Workforce Solutions to the Energy Workforce & Technology Council.”

Energy Workforce CEO Leslie Beyer

For more information about Energy Workforce membership, contact Director of Operations Roni Ashley.

Roni Ashley, Director Operations, writes about the Council’s membership and regional chapters. Click here to subscribe to the Council’s newsletter, which highlights industry practices, workforce development, Council activities and more.


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