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PESA Committee Addresses How to Create ESG Program in 2020

PESA’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Committee launched a series of events last year aiming to answer the question “Why ESG Matters.”

In May, the committee held a luncheon to help attendees understand the basics of ESG, including how investors increasingly use these criteria and how rating agencies tie into the process of connecting publicly-held companies and potential funding.

The committee continued this conversation during the October 31 ESG Seminar where attendees heard from experts on the development of an ESG program, including a ‘how-to’ toolkit, how investors and stakeholders view ESG, and how companies should look at human rights through the ESG lens.

2019 WAS WHY? 2020 IS HOW
Building on the committee’s work sharing the basics of ESG, the upcoming year will also look at the application of these concepts and how they apply throughout PESA’s membership. The Association’s diverse membership drives the need for conversations about best practices and different utilizations of ESG standards or tools.

For those with established programs, it is an opportunity to showcase and share best practices, and for those in nascent stages, a chance to understand what works best. PESA will launch an ESG training program for PESA Member Companies in 2020. This training program will allow PESA Member Company employees to learn how to implement effective ESG programs throughout their companies. The committee will also focus on educating Members on creating policies and programs.

The ESG Committee will host a roundtable on human trafficking in conjunction with the Health and Safety Committee during its annual seminar. Effective approaches and sharing successful programs that target the issue will be central to the discussions, and PESA will continue raising awareness on human rights and trafficking to its membership through the ESG Committee.

In addition, Members will continue to inform rating agencies, legislatures and the public about what the services and equipment sector is doing to drive efficiency, work ethically, and protect the environment. In particular, when meeting Congressional Members during the Washington DC Fly-In, PESA members will have the opportunity highlight their ESG efforts and discuss issues facing the industry.

For those interesting in joining the ESG Committee, please contact Vice President Government Affairs Tim Tarpley.



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