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PESA Health & Safety Benchmarking Platform: A Valuable Tool for the Sector

Health & Safety Digital Platform BenchmarksIn August of 2018, the PESA Health & Safety Committee launched the much-anticipated PESA Health & Safety Benchmarking Platform. The application uses anonymized company data to identify baseline performance standards, illuminating strengths and weaknesses against industry peers.

Since joining the platform, users have been able to upload data such as Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), number of days away from work and number of recordable cases due to illness, injury or fatality for the current and for past years.

Once data is entered into the system, the platform offers the user the option to download reports that are printable and easily convertible into charts and graphs.

Initial feedback has been positive and illustrates the value of this tool:

“This is a unique resource within the OFS space and the reports generated will be critical when reporting out to executive staff,  ensuring we are continuously and actively benchmarking ourselves against our peers.”

“The PESA Health & Safety Platform has helped to identify gaps in what is being reported within the organization.”

“We are using the reports to identify additional metrics we can track. This will yield more comprehensive results vital to the organization and further develop our health and safety initiatives.”

PESA’s strategy with this project is to grow and develop over time with increased member users. With the support of our membership, this goal, and by extension, the platform’s increased usefulness, will be more quickly achieved.

Please reach out to PESA Director Membership Services Peggy Helfert for more information on the platform or how to become engaged in the PESA Health & Safety Committee.



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