Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary

PESA Supports Pink Petro’s Energy 2.0

PinkPetroPESA is proud to support Pink Petro’s Energy 2.0, bringing thought leaders and real conversations to both virtual and real-life stages. The event explores equality, the environment and the new economy March 9-11 & 24 in Houston, London and Denver.

Speakers will include:

  • Judaline Cassidy: Activist and AOL Maker (Houston, Denver)
  • Stephanie Cox: CEO, Wood Americas (Houston, Denver)
  • Benji Backer: Founder, American Conservation Coalition (Houston)
  • Enass Abo-Hamed: CEO, H2GO Power (Houston, London)
  • Moji Karimi: Carbon-Negative Entrepreneur and CEO, Cemita Factory (Houston)
  • Robert Bryce: Author, Journalist, Filmmaker, Speaker (Denver)
  • Deb Ryan: P.E. Senior Manager, Engineering, Sproule (Denver)
  • Kathleen Staks: Director of External Affairs, Guzman Energy (Denver)
  • Jennifer Gremmert: Executive Director, Energy Outreach Colorado (Denver)
  • Kirsty Bashforth: Non-Executive Director Kier, Serco, PZ Cussons, Diaverum. CEO QuayFive. Author of “Culture Shift.” (London)
  • Katie Mehnert: CEO, Pink Petro and Experience Energy (London)

For more information, visit their website.