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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Well Control Certification Program

The SecureWell: Well Control Certification Program is a first-of-its kind course that contains purpose-driven, comprehensive and practical training for cased hole well operations. Created by well control and well servicing experts, the course offers certification through classroom training, field assessment and skills verification.

Safe operations are profitable operations, and this course offers both operators and service contractors a way to ensure competency and impart domestic on-shore industry level knowledge to their employees.

Learning Outcomes

Students will graduate this class with an understanding of basic well control methods, equipment and pressures associated with containment. They will be required to pass a knowledge test, followed by an assessment at a rig site by a certified field assessor.


Upcoming Classes


Course Outline


Well control and containment skills are essential to keeping employees safe and crews operating efficiently. SecureWell is the only program that is 100% dedicated to well control and containment operations of cased hole well servicing, and is an invaluable course for companies dedicated to the safety and development of their employees.
Daniel Hindes
Immediate Past Chair
Vice President
ClearWell Dynamics
“SecureWell sets the new standard for well control and containment training for cased hole operations in well servicing. Companies now have a training program specific to the challenges that their employees may face and at a lower cost and investment of time. SecureWell also brings the added benefit of a program that covers the latest technology and skills from materials regularly updated by the industry leaders in well servicing.”
Marshall Dodson
President & CEO
Key Energy Services
“We believe the SecureWell program fills a void in the well control training sector. This course equips crew members with the skills to address the unique issues around well control and containment for cased hole well servicing. We are confident the personnel holding SecureWell certifications are developing the proper techniques to perform their specialized work safely and efficiently.”
Justin Bliffen
CEO & Founder
Brigade Energy Services


Energy Workforce partner Vorenkamp Well Control Training holds upcoming courses in Odessa, TX; Williston, ND; and Tyler, TX.  Visit their website to register for a course near you.

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Play Video about SecureWell: Join the Safety Revolution
Play Video about SecureWell Well Control Certification Program


Optional Reference Books

SecureWell Reference Manual for Cased Hold Well Servicing

SecureWell Reference Manual

The SecureWell Reference Manual for Cased Hole Well Servicing addresses well control and blowout prevention techniques that are unique to workover/production in a cased well. Participants in the SecureWell Certification Program primarily use this manual. 

Basic Data Manual for Well Servicing Operations (Blue Book)

Basic Data Manual (Blue Book)

The Basic Data Manual for Well Servicing Operations (formerly known as the AESC Blue Book), provides members of the energy services industry with a single source of basic data for ready reference in day-to-day operations.

Recommended Best Practices & Guidelines for Oil & Gas Well Servicing Operations

Recommended Best Practices & Guidelines

The Recommended Best Practices & Guidelines for Oil & Gas Well Servicing Operations manual offers procedures for the promotion and maintenance of safe working conditions for personnel engaged in well servicing operations. 


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