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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Council Provides Coaching Overview for Training Participants

Pat Lipovski and the Envision Group team hosted a webinar for participants of the Council’s Executive Leadership Program, Inclusion and Diversity Business Champion Program, and ESG Certification Program to introduce the executive coaching component.

Each of the Council’s signature education programs includes one-on-one coaching sessions with experts from Envision Group to facilitate development of skills and personal attributes necessary for success.

“The one-on-one coaching is when you really get to dig in and roll up your sleeves and work on things that you want to work on,” Lipovsky said. “The most gratifying part of this process for us is when we hear from those we’ve coached that they’ve been promoted or they’ve taken on a new role or accomplished a task they were working through for some time.”

The Council’s training programs are designed to provide experienced coaches so that participants can achieve their personal and career goals.

“What we’re hoping to do is bring out the best in each one of you so that you can start charting the path towards your potential.

Pat Lipovski, Envision Group

Lipovski said the coaching process would challenge participants to engage in intentional thought about their goals and actions.

“If you think differently, your behaviors become different, and your results become different. What we do as coaches is help you reverse engineer your goals so you can make it happen.”

Pat Lipovski, Envision Group

The programs will continue throughout the year. Registration has been expanded for the Executive Leadership Program’s Engaging Leadership track, as well as the ESG Certification Program.

If you’re interested in joining these programs, please contact Senior Director, Programs and Events Peggy Helfert.



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