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Energy in Transition Podcast: Baker Hughes’ Allyson Book Discusses ESG and Getting to Net Zero

Allyson Book, VP of Energy Transition, Baker HughesIn the latest episode of the Energy in Transition podcast, Baker Hughes Vice President of Energy Transition Allyson Book joins Energy Workforce & Technology Council CEO Leslie Beyer for an insightful conversation analyzing energy transition, ESG reporting, and the vital role of the energy services sector in getting to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“I want to challenge the notion of energy transition, per se,” Book said during the episode. “What we’re talking about is meeting one of the biggest global challenges, which is to avoid a two-degree temperature rise. In that context, the solution is not limited to energy. It’s anything that produces an emission. To call it an energy transition is selling the entire concept too short.”

Book said that what’s being called a transition is best viewed as adding to what the energy industry has long done.

“Energy transition implies we’re going to get away from one thing and go to a new thing. In reality, we’re just going to keep adding to the mix.”

Allyson Book, Baker Hughes

ESG reporting is about more than meeting a benchmarking standard, Book told Beyer.

“The most important part of what guides our performance on ESG is our corporate purpose,” she said. “To make energy cleaner and safer for people and the planet.”

She said it’s important for industry and policymakers to break from rigid positions in the discussion of the future of energy.

“The best policy comes from a dialogue where everybody has skin in the game and compromises,” Book said.

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