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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy Workforce CEO in Discussion With NOV CEO Clay Williams at Thrive Conference

Jim Wicklund, Clay Williams, Leslie Beyer

Energy Workforce CEO Leslie Beyer and Advisory Board Member Jim Wicklund, PPHB, moderated the Capital Equipment discussion with NOV CEO Clay Williams during the Daniel Energy Partners Thrive Energy Conference on February 23 at Minute Maid Park.

Williams discussed how NOV is driving meaningful emissions reductions for its customers through increased digitalization and innovations in equipment technologies. He also addressed how NOV has overcome longer term challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the conversation around ESG in the industry has shifted recently, Williams assured Beyer and Wicklund that ESG is just “common sense,” which is why internally, NOV has compensation goals tied to ESG metrics and their energy transition technologies. He highlighted how NOV’s technologies are reducing emissions in aspects of offshore drilling, hydraulic fracturing and cuttings, but expressed concern that these offsets are not adequately credited. The sector is investing significantly in understanding its supply chains and conducting lifecycles analysis (LCAs) for its products at the behest of its customers – some of this is then reflected in increased pricing, as LCAs require significant investments in time and effort.

Clay Williams, John Daniel, Leslie Beyer

Williams addressed some of the headwinds facing the energy services and technology sector including supply chain and labor. He said that while supply chains are getting better, there are still of parts within the system that are broken. The supply of steel is better, but castings and polymers have become an issue. On labor in North America, Williams sees two challenges, first on the recruitment and second on the retirements. He noted, however, that the industry is offering good paying career opportunities, helping offset a tight labor market and other challenges.

Energy Workforce is actively working to address the key themes discussed at Thrive, including emissions reduction technologies, digitalization and workforce development through its Energy Technology Committee and signature training programs.

Energy Workforce would like to thank Daniel Energy Partners for its longstanding partnership and thought leadership in the energy services and technology sector.

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