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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Women’s History Month Profile: Lamonica Spivey, TechnipFMC

Lamonica Spivey is Inclusion, Diversity & Corporate Responsibility Director for TechnipFMC and the Energy Workforce I&D Engagement Committee Chair. She recently shared her thoughts on women in oil and gas.

Lamonica Spivey

Energy Workforce: Why did you get involved in oil and gas?

Lamonica Spivey: Prior to working with FMC Technologies, now TechnipFMC, I was working at Sara Lee in Mobile, AL. Sara Lee restructured their company, resulting in lay-offs that impacted my HR Manager role. I was aware of the oil and gas industry but did not know much about it. After researching the company and the industry, I was excited to be a part of another industry that impacts everyone and was surprised by the similarities to the food and beverage industry. I’ve met and worked with GREAT people!

EW: What are the major changes you’ve seen during your time in the industry?

LS: I’ve seen this industry continue to innovate and survive the various challenges that occur through my more than 15 years of employment. This industry is always looking at ways to become better. TechnipFMC’s 5 foundational beliefs that we never compromise on exemplify this: Safety, Integrity, Quality, Respect & Sustainability. It has shown me why relationship building is essential.

EW: What do you think companies could do to retain female employees?

LS: Lead by example and do what you say you are going to do. It also requires being intentional with your strategy using various ways to retain women and other underrepresented individuals. For example, converse with employees often and be transparent. No one wants to work in an organization where they cannot be impactful and authentic. Also change the messaging about the industry being more vocal about what we do and why it is important to EVERYONE.

EW: Do you have a mentor, and if so, how has mentorship helped you towards your career goals?

LS: Of course I have many mentors. It’s always great to hear another person’s perspective. Especially a person that you have great trust and respect for as you grow within your career. Also sometimes you need that “cheerleader” to remind you of your capabilities and encourage you to keep going. As you learn from your mentors, share that knowledge and become a mentor to others as well.

EW: What advice would you give women thinking about a career in oil and gas?

LS: You are needed, and the industry welcomes you. As women continue to progress into various leadership roles within the industry, it is important that they reach back and pull up other women. Diversity of thought is so important, and women and other underrepresented groups can bring that into an organization. I think I am a great example of this!



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