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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy Workforce CEO Leads Discussions on Global Role of Energy Services

Energy services

Energy Workforce CEO Leslie Beyer messaged on the critical role of energy services during a series of high-profile speaking engagements last week. Bringing visibility to the sector and workforce that is driving innovation in energy, Beyer engaged with leaders from industrial automation, software, private equity and machinery.

The Energy Workforce & Technology Council was a proud partner of the Daniel Energy Partner’s THRIVE 2022 conference. Beyer co-moderated a panel with John Daniel on the state of capital equipment in the industry with Jose Bayardo, NOV, and Rodney Shurman, Caterpillar Inc. Both Bayardo and Shurman addressed how their respective companies are addressing supply chain challenges and demand in both domestic and international markets.

On a panel at the ADI Analytics Forum with Eric Bradley, Taurus Investment Holdings, LLC, and Alex Robart, Microsoft, Beyer highlighted how energy services providers are developing emissions-reducing technologies and serving as a major partner in a low carbon future. However, Beyer warned against “price spiking and underinvesting our way through the energy transition” – noting how short- and long-term investments are needed to keep energy service companies and their workforces healthy. Underpinning a successful transition is strategic investments in technology and the people behind its development.

As keynote speaker during the Siemens “Shaping the Digital Enterprise” event, Beyer discussed how energy services companies are innovating and evolving to reduce operating costs and environmental impact, while still providing affordable, reliable energy the world needs today. Highlighting the role of digitalization in the interconnectedness of today’s oil and gas operations, Beyer emphasized how these partnerships “reduce operating costs, environmental impacts and increase production,” in a time where these issues matter most.

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