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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy Workforce Presidents discussed the Energy Landscape at the 2023 Annual Meeting

Energy Workforce Presidents Molly Determan and Tim Tarpley deliver address at Energy Workforce’s 2023 Annual Meeting.

Energy Workforce & Technology Council Presidents Molly Determan and Tim Tarpley addressed Members at the 2023 Annual Meeting with a State of the Energy Workforce update.

In their presentation, Determan and Tarpley highlighted Energy Workforce accomplishments while laying out their direction of the organization moving forward. Additionally, they discussed the importance of the energy services and technology sector and providing energy security for our nation and allies.

“The energy services and technology sector is the solutions provider to deliver energy security by overcoming challenges and meeting growing demand. We provide the workforce, we provide the technology that will allow us to continue to meet the demand, and we have the experience and expertise to continue to provide affordable, reliable energy while reducing emissions.”

Molly Determan, President, Energy Workforce & Technology Council

Tarpley said, “Energy Security is National Security. You can’t have national security in the U.S. without energy security; and in order for our allies to have national security, they need energy security as well. If we put barriers in front of our ability to obtain energy security, it bolsters our enemies abroad. Oil and gas is a big part of this picture to provide that energy security.”

Determan also added that an energy expansion, to provide energy security to the U.S. and its allies, is not a transition away from oil and gas, but producing all forms of energy while reducing emissions.

“To meet global challenges, we must not transition away from oil and gas, but adopt the expansion of all forms of energy, including oil and gas,” she said. “Oil and gas will be around for a long time, and our sector will continue to work together to reduce emissions while meeting increased global demand.”

Tarpley went on to discuss the need for regulatory reform to be able to build out the infrastructure for an energy expansion to continue to provide reliable, affordable energy to the world.

“We need to build a significant amount of infrastructure in order to have the energy expansion that is needed across the United States to continue to meet increasing global demand. In order to have this expansion, and have the infrastructure needed, we must get regulatory hurdles out the way and improve the NEPA process and other regulations that are overburdening the industry.”

Tim Tarpley, President, Energy Workforce & Technology Council

Both highlighted the importance of the advocacy Energy Workforce is doing on behalf of the sector and setting the tone through messaging both on Capitol Hill and through traditional and social media.

The 2023 Energy Workforce Washington, DC Fly-in generated the largest participation by member companies, who had meeting with more than 30 Congressional members, and four Biden Administration officials. In 2022, over the course of the year, Energy Workforce held more than 100 meetings with Biden Administration officials and Members of Congress.

“Our members participation in telling our story to our nation’s leaders is essential. You (members) are our best ambassadors,” Tarpley said. “The relationship that we build and foster during Fly-In is very important to our advocacy efforts. Thank you to all who participated.”

In addition to advocating on behalf of the services and technology sector to our nation’s policy makers, Energy Workforce increased media impressions and placements by more than 20 percent in 2022 and the social media following increased by more than 35 percent with audience engagement more than doubling in 2022 from 2021.

Energy Workforce doesn’t just advocate on behalf of the sector, it develops the workforce of the future and provides best practices for the industry. Determan and Tarpley highlighted the workforce development programs and the work being produced by the Energy Workforce committees.

Earlier this year, the Well Stimulation committee released the first of its kind guidelines addressing the safe use of natural gas as an off-road fuel source while performing hydraulic fracturing services.  

The Well Servicing Committee is finalizing the SecureWell training course, a groundbreaking program that addresses the specifics of well control operation and safety in a cased hole environment.  

Energy Workforce has also built out its training and development programs and participation is increasing, ensuring the energy workforce is ready to fill important leadership roles and take the industry to the next level. The regional chapters have also increased participation and engagement in areas across the country where Energy Workforce member companies work and live.

“These are just a couple examples of how working with you (members) we are positively impacting the energy services and technology sector, making it stronger, safer and better,” Determan said. “Participation on our committees is how we are able to share best practices, build out our programs, and develop the workforce to meet your needs.”   

Energy Workforce also hosts the State Department Houston Energy course trainings twice a year and other international delegations throughout the year. This engagement is essential in elevating the sector to American diplomats working in key regions around the world, as well as their counterparts in those regions.

Determan wrapped up the presentation with a positive message to Members about the industry and association.

“We are bullish on the industry, and we are bullish on this association,” she said. “It doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, but we are here to help prepare our members to face those challenges. We are looking forward to what the year brings, and to supporting the work of the more than 650,000 workers that provide the energy that our nation and the world needs to support our economy, and our lives.”

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