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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Highlighting New, Returning PESA Members(2016)

PESA is excited to welcome a number of new members to the Association, as well as a returning member company:

Beaumont Manufacturing and DistributionBeaumont Manufacturing & Distribution Company manufactures production equipment, including valves, relief valves, and regulators.  PESA Advisory Board Member Mike Waters of SOR introduced Beaumont to PESA.


RAKI ComputersRAKI Computers provides E-waste recycling, disposal, and secure data destruction services for corporate clients.


Houston Digital InstrumentsHouston Digital Instruments (HDI) manufactures high pressure and high temperature controls and instrumentation for the oil and gas industry.


Fox Metals and AlloysFox Metals & Alloys distributes alloy, carbon, and stainless bar and plate steel products, with a focus on the oil and gas industry.


ValTek-IndustriesValtek Industries, based in Odessa, Texas, is a returning PESA member. Valtek is an innovative manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance well service pumps and fluid end parts. Josh Lowrey of Galtway Industries spearheaded recruitment efforts of Fox and Valtek.

If you know of any company that would benefit from PESA membership, please contact Ryan Bowley at [email protected].



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