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PESA President Keynotes OilComm Conference and Exposition

“While the work of our sector doesn’t get all the press or flashy headlines, innovation is central to the oilfield. Even though our industry is facing challenging economics, this commitment to innovation does not stop. We’re proud of our legacy as innovators, and I’m honored to work in an industry that does so much to support and improve modern life for millions around the world each day,” said PESA President Leslie Beyer during the keynote address at OilComm.

PESA President Leslie Beyer Keynotes OilComm Conference and Exposition

PESA President Leslie Beyer Keynotes OilComm Conference and Exposition

Beyer keynoted the 2016 OilComm Conference and Exposition October 12. The conference was geared towards energy and maritime professionals learning about cutting-edge communications and network solutions and interact with experts in the field. Beyer spoke to the role innovation will play in the future of the oil and gas industry, highlighting some of the oilfield service, supply and manufacturing sector’s successes.  Beyer also touched on what PESA and many other trade associations are doing to support that work, along with some of the challenges that we face, and an overview as to how the upcoming presidential election will impact our industry.



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