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HSEQ Task Force Agrees on Best Practices for Worker Safety

HSEQ Task Force Recommendations

The newly formed PESA HSEQ Task Force agreed upon best practices for employees returning to work after showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, and discussed other measures to protect worker health and safety during a conference call April 14.

Updates for the Quarantine Wellness Tools/Procedures section of the task force’s recommendations for the OFS sector are based on CDC recommendations and include:

  • 72 hours fever free without medication
  • Improvement in respiratory symptoms such a cough or shortness of breath, and
  • A minimum of seven days since symptoms first appeared.

The group discussed solutions companies have implemented to track employee health. Some companies are using mobile apps that guide employees through self-assessments before reporting for work. Employees are presented with a series of questions about their current health, and depending on their responses, are cleared to enter the job site or contact their supervisor for further instructions.

The task force analyzed shared experiences related to Remote Worker Travel Practices and agreed to procedures for hot shot drivers arriving at facilities, as well as protocol for employees staying in hotels while working onsite.

Task force members reported their companies are making “best practices” posters and brochures, which they’re making available to be shared across the industry. PESA will provide a space where these documents can be accessed.



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