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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Members Address Maintaining Motivation Through Ever-Changing Environment

The Emerging Executives Committee, program alumni and Executive Leadership Program participants attended the first quarterly networking event of the year Tuesday with a session aimed at forging ties between participants of the three programs: Engaging Leadership, Strategic & Branded Executive and Advanced Business Development. The virtual format enabled over 80 individuals from around the world to attend.

Emerging Executives Committee Chair Chris Berrie, Global Industry Manager – Well Service Pumps, Caterpillar Oil & Gas, led the session, which took participants through small group discussions of pre-arranged topics.

The Emerging Executives Committee designed the format to help members identify successful career development and leadership behaviors, and brainstorm ways to continue development post-graduation, including opportunities to develop others. The discussions also provided Energy Workforce with feedback to tailor programming for future cohorts.

Members covered key attributes of successful leaders, how to motivate teams despite conflicts and obstacles, and ways of differentiating from others throughout the career and leadership journey. Participants were also asked to share books, podcasts or resources on leadership.

“One of the conversations that we had was advice you would give somebody into a new leadership position. We talked about taking it slow, getting to really know your team, and then, once you’ve learned about your team and how they respond, deciding which leadership style approach you would take.”

Program Participant

Another participant discussed key attributes of a successful leader.

“Our group discussed that a successful leader would be someone who cares about them as a person and shows interest in them on a personal level. Another characteristic of a great leader is someone who allows their direct reports to take on meaningful projects that make an impact.”

Program Participant

Participants also dissected the challenges of things not always going as planned and how to handle that.

“Not everything always goes according to plan. Having a leader who can deal with situations calmly during a hectic situation, and can communicate effectively through the challenge, is key.”

Program Participant

When asked if any participants had any books or podcasts they would like to share with the group, one participant answered, “My mentors are my podcasts!”

The small group discussions were led by a moderator who shared key takeaways to the entire group at the end of the session. The format created a casual atmosphere with room for personal and anecdotal exchanges.

For more information about the Emerging Executives Committee or the Executive Leadership Program, contact Vice President Programs & Events Peggy Helfert.

Peggy Helfert, Vice President Programs and Events, writes about the Council’s sector-specific best practices and leadership. Click here to subscribe to the Energy Workforce newsletter, which highlights sector-specific issues, best practices, activities and more.


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