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Energy Workforce SVP Tim Tarpley, Liberty’s Chris Wright Testify on Energy Policies

Energy Workforce SVP Tim Tarpley

Last week, Energy Workforce SVP Government Affairs Tim Tarpley testified before the Committee on Natural Resources Republicans, Committee on Energy and Commerce Republicans, and the Select Climate Committee Republicans during a forum. He was joined by Energy Workforce Member Chris Wright, CEO and Chairman of Liberty Oilfield Services. In all, nine witnesses testified during the almost three-hour forum.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarty (R-CA22) delivered brief remarks during the forum, which was led by Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR04), Ranking Member, House Natural Resources Committee; Rep. Dr. Michael Burgess (R-TX26), House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA06), Ranking Member, House Select Climate Committee.

In his testimony, Tarpley highlighted the benefits of domestic energy production and the energy technology and services sector that employees more than 600,000 people.

Tarpley said, “Our companies provide the world with energy in the most environmentally safe, efficient, and responsible way possible, and our sector is leading the development of technology that will drive the energy transition.”

He went on to outline a number of policy actions the Biden Administration should take to encourage investment and production.

  • “First, the Administration must signal support and encourage long-term investments in domestic oil and gas technologies, infrastructure, in addition to promoting the export of U.S. oil and natural gas technology and infrastructure to allies overseas.
  • “Second, the Administration needs to end the moratorium on new leases for onshore and offshore drilling on federal lands. The Department of Interior should immediately appeal the federal judge’s decision overturning the recent offshore lease sale 257 and they should adhere to the Minerals Leasing Act and hold quarterly lease sales as required by law.
  • “The Administration also must define clear permitting and regulatory policies for oil and natural gas production and infrastructure development.
  • “Third, the vilification of U.S. oil and gas producers must end. Energy prices are set by markets, and suggesting the oil and natural gas industry is taking advantage of a global energy crisis to increase profits is flat out wrong and irresponsible.” 
Member Chris Wright, CEO and Chairman, Liberty Energy

Chris Wright testified that the Administration’s focus on climate change and other policies will reduce oil and natural gas production with many impacts, including:

  • “Reduced investment and jobs in the United States
  • “Higher energy and food prices in the United States
  • “Reduced geopolitical security and influence of the United States
  • “Increased wealth, power and geopolitical leverage for Russa and OPEC, and
  • “Increased greenhouse gas emissions, and increased global air pollution”

Additionally, Wright said, “reducing U.S. oil and gas production has zero impact on demand or consumption of oil and gas. It simply displaces production out of the U.S. to other countries with less stringent and modern production practices.”

For more information on the hearing and to read the witness testimony, click here.

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