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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Diversity Study Advances Women and Minorities in OFS

PESA is renewing its ground-breaking study of diversity in the oilfield services sector to determine progress since the 2018 benchmarking survey and develop recommendations for the sector. Members and non-members alike are encouraged to take part in the survey.

The oil and gas industry has historically struggled to attract and retain women and racial minorities. To improve in this area, PESA is gathering data and the PESA I&D Engagement Committee is working to identify opportunities and develop approaches to facilitate progression into leadership positions.

The diversity study will establish a new benchmark and allow for greater consistency and transparency in reporting across the industry. This will enable year-on-year comparisons and allow organizations to measure themselves against the sector.

While gender diversity metrics are available for the oil and gas industry as a whole, PESA’s research is the only diversity data specific to the OFS sector. This study will provide racial diversity data for the OFS sector for the first time.

The research will provide impetus for companies to implement inclusion and diversity programs to improve recruitment and retention. Research shows increased representation correlates with better financial performance, higher employee retention rates, and enhanced corporate image and reputation.

Companies participating in the study will receive I&D Business Champion program discounts from PESA, as well as company-specific data retention from Accenture. The data will be used to produce recommendations and guidelines for OFS companies to make progress on inclusion and diversity.

The research begins in earnest in January with Accenture supporting participating companies in gathering and reporting data on gender and racial diversity however, participation needs to be secured now. Company-specific information will be kept secure and confidential, and the survey will not be housed online. Accenture will analyze the data in March, and study findings will be released at the PESA Annual Meeting.

To take part in the study or for more information, please contact Vice President Strategy & Programs Molly Determan.



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