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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA High Performer Spotlight: Vinu Iyengar, Associate, Simmons & Company International

Vinu Iyengar, Associate, Simmon’s and Company International®, Energy Specialists of Piper Jaffray®

Vinu Iyengar, Associate, Simmons and Company International®, Energy Specialists of Piper Jaffray®

What influenced your decision to enter the oil and gas industry?
Starting out as a field engineer with Schlumberger, I was drawn to the challenges and responsibilities a career in the energy sector entailed. Additionally, a key factor that was attractive to me was being part of a global industry that is fundamental to human progress.

What was your impression of the industry beforehand and how has it evolved?
I did not fully appreciate the technical rigor of the oil and gas extraction process. Working on a drillship in the middle of the ocean, directionally drilling into a geological target the size of a small room that is located several miles below the seabed, remains one of many humbling experiences that have helped me appreciate the efforts of thousands of talented individuals globally who contribute to the industry’s progress.

What have you found to be the most surprising about the industry?
What continues to amaze me is the enthusiasm of the industry to adopt new technology that furthers operational safety and efficiency, and the pace at which technology evolves within the sector.

What do you find most challenging and most rewarding about the industry or your work?
Managing the ebbs and flows of activity levels during volatile commodity price environments can be challenging. Working with entrepreneurs who have built lasting companies around innovative ideas has been a very inspiring and rewarding experience.

Where do you hope to see the industry develop over the next 5 years?
As we exit the downturn, I hope to see innovation and technology continue to positively influence the industry and help smoothen commodity price cycles to support sustained growth in the sector.

What role do you believe you will play in the industry’s future?
I hope to continue to support the implementation and transformation of company strategies by facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets transactions.

How has your involvement in PESA supported your career goals?
PESA has provided an amazing opportunity to network and exchange ideas with some of the most talented leaders and executives in the energy industry with whom I would not have been able to otherwise meet.

Tell us about some of the people you’ve met while working in the industry and how they’ve impacted your thinking.
As an investment banker, the entrepreneurs and executives I have been fortunate to meet have shown me the value of perseverance that goes into developing ideas into valuable business ventures. My colleagues at Simmons & Company have shown me how creativity in the financial advisory realm can have a very tangible and positive impact for our clients.

What are you most excited about for your career, your company and your industry?
I am excited for the next phase of growth of the industry, one in which I believe technology will play a central role. I am looking forward to support unique transactions that will enable innovative companies to capitalize on this growth.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about entering the oil and gas industry?
It is a global, technologically rich and diverse industry that promises a rewarding experience for anyone who enjoys being challenged in new ways every day.

What do you wish other people knew about oil and gas?
The very cyclicality of the oil and gas business serves as a catalyst for its next generation of technological evolution, which makes the energy sector extremely dynamic.



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