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PESA: Science Must Drive Conclusions on Fracturing

Petroleum Equipment & Services Association President Leslie Beyer issued the following statement regarding recommendations from an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advisory board concerning EPA’s multi-year study on the relationship between hydraulic fracturing and drinking water:

“The safe use of fracturing, backed by sound science and bolstered by continuous technology improvements, has provided our nation with significant reductions in GHG emissions and lower energy costs. The EPA’s extensive research on tens of thousands of wells across the country concluded that there is no evidence hydraulic fracturing has ‘led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States,’” said Beyer. “Focus on actual science and proven research must drive conclusions.”

Earlier this summer, PESA noted that the conclusion reached by the EPA “is sound, valid, and supported by EPA’s comprehensive review, outside expertise, and published scientific research.” PESA member companies led the development of hydraulic fracturing decades ago, a process that has been used on more than two million oil and gas wells across the country.

According to Beyer, “The oilfield service, supply, and manufacturing sector sees fracturing as an environmental, economic, and energy security success story that should be embraced as a win for our nation.”



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