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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy in Transition Podcast: Assaad Mohanna, NOV Inc.

In the latest episode of the Energy in Transition podcast, Council CEO Leslie Beyer and Assaad Mohanna, Director of Business Strategy, discuss how NOV is examining the underlying economics and meeting the needs of an energy industry in transition. The insightful conversation also delves into ESG, purposeful innovation and overcoming technological hurdles to achieving a lower carbon future.

“We’ve accumulated all these skills over the years that make us ready for being part of this energy transition,” Mohanna said. “It’s important we look at problems to solve — not how do we do this with oil and gas technology or renewables — but truly going back to the drawing board and say, what do the economics look like in this space?”

Mohanna said the energy transition doesn’t mean throwing out what companies do well but examining operations and making decisions about the intersection of capabilities and opportunities.

“Diversification is meant to be just that — diversification. It’s not meant to say we’re reinventing ourselves to become a renewables energy company. We are staying true to our core, which is supporting the oil and gas industry. We’re transitioning to become an oil and gas, and added energies, company in new spaces that fit our skill sets.”

Assaad Mohanna, Director of Business Strategy, NOV Inc.

Mohanna and Beyer discussed the importance of keeping the company’s purpose at the forefront of its operations and investments in people, research and development, and technological advances.

“We innovate not just to increase our bottom line but also to make energy more accessible and to power the industry that powers the world,” Mohanna said

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