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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Capturing the Future: EWTC’s 2024 Annual Meeting Recap

Energy Workforce & Technology Council Energy Workforce’s 2024 Annual Meeting, themed “Capturing the Future: Utilizing our Talent and Technology to Support the Evolving Energy Landscape,” occurred last week in Scottsdale, AZ. Executives from across all sectors of the oil and gas industry came together to discuss how the industry can tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. From the critical role of our talented workforce in driving progress to the energy services sector’s focus on nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and promoting collaboration, the future of the industry is bright.


EWTC had the privilege of honoring Andrew Gould’s industry legacy with the Platinum Award during the 2024 Annual Meeting. This award, the highest honor bestowed by Energy Workforce, is a testament to Gould’s exceptional contributions and influence in the energy industry.

Gould’s impact on the energy sector has been profound. His leadership, marked by strategic insight, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, has left an indelible mark on some of the world’s most influential energy companies. His influence extends beyond the companies he has served, shaping the global energy landscape.


Board Chair Scott Livingston, President of Energy Products and Services Equipment, NOV

Participants were welcomed to the meeting by incoming Board Chair Scott Livingston, President of Energy Products and Services Equipment, NOV. Livingston discussed his vision for the next year and the future of the sector.

“We remain committed to meeting the growing global demand for energy while simultaneously reducing emissions, enhancing worker safety, and investing in the communities we serve. The demand for oil and gas is projected to rise for decades to come, and we possess the means and resources to meet this demand more efficiently and sustainably than ever before.”

Scott Livingston, EWTC Board Chair


Andy McConn, Director and Head of Commercial Intelligence at Enverus

Andy McConn, Director and Head of Commercial Intelligence at Enverus, provided a comprehensive market overview. He touched on industry trends and projections, sharing oil and gas growth forecasts, with a specific focus on the Permian Basin, highlighting the region’s potential for future development and investment.

“But in the long term, we think the risk profile trends towards the upside. And that’s not just us drinking the Kool-Aid and telling a bullish story for our industry. We’ve certainly told many bearish stories in our history, but we think the long-term story leans towards the upside.”

Andy McConn, Enverus


Molecules and Megawatt’s Panel

In a fireside chat dubbed “Molecules and Megawatts,” Dan Pickering of Pickering Energy Partners and Pablo Vegas, CEO of ERCOT, discussed grid reliability and stability, growth in energy demand, and planning for power growth in the oil and gas industry to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

“It’s becoming increasingly important that we continue to communicate thoroughly with each other because I want to make sure we have a grid that can support the growth of what the oil and gas industry is looking to do. Given the window of opportunity to maximize what’s coming in your industry, we must make sure that we help drive its efficiency and optimize production costs.”

Pablo Vegas, CEO, ERCOT


Energy Workforce Presidents Tim Tarpley and Molly Determan

Energy Workforce Presidents Tim Tarpley and Molly Determan delivered remarks on the state of the council, discussing the industry’s challenges, including geopolitical instability, supply chain disruptions and regulatory challenges. At every step, EWTC is leading the charge to support the industry and advocate on behalf of its members.

Speaking about the recent changes implemented by the Council, EWTC President Determan stated, “As an association, we’ve dedicated considerable effort to crafting a unified message about our industry, recognizing the prevalence of misinformation in the public sphere. With a membership comprising over 650,000 men and women, it’s imperative that we empower each member with the necessary tools to effectively advocate for our sector.”

They further emphasized the importance of collaboration and sharing best practices among members to improve industry operations, attract and retain talent, and address sustainability concerns.

This summer, EWTC will be rolling out updated best practices documents, the third iteration of the workforce diversity study, and talking points for the industry workforce.

EWTC President Tarpley highlighted the need for reforms to address problematic regulations and promote innovation, emphasizing the success of EWTC in leading coalitions with other trades to call for the passage of permitting reform and providing training for diplomatic government officials on international issues impacting the energy sector.

“EWTC members have worked together throughout the past year to stop bad legislation and regulations that could negatively affect our center and support initiatives that help us all grow,” said EWTC President Tarpley. One of the things we’ve worked very hard on is getting the association to the point where regulators and governments are visible to us and our members when they need to engage with industry. I’m happy to say that we’ve gotten to that point.”


Congressman David Schweikert

Congressman David Schweikert delivered an in-depth legislative update highlighting the United States’ fiscal challenges. Congressman Schweikert is serving his seventh term in the United States Congress, holds a seat on the Ways and Means Committee, and is the current Chairman of the Oversight Subcommittee. He warned that the government is essentially “an insurance company with an army” as interest payments are set to consume over $1.2 trillion this year alone.

Schweikert stressed that the country’s demographics and entitlement programs pose significant long-term risks, with the Social Security Trust Fund projected to be depleted in just nine years.

Addressing the energy leaders in attendance, Schweikert cautioned that many of the tax provisions that have fueled economic growth are set to expire next year. He emphasized the need for a “revolution in politics” to tackle the country’s fiscal challenges. He noted that vested interests will likely resist efforts to address issues like obesity, which he described as the “single biggest savings” opportunity for healthcare costs.

As Schweikert concluded, he struck an optimistic tone, stating, “There is hope. Almost no one will tell you the truth about our numbers, but there is hope. We will find a way to make it work. We need first to tell ourselves the truth and then decide that we’re going to go break. We’re going to break bureaucracies. We’re going to challenge a whole bunch of industries’ models to do business cheaper. We’re going to legalize technology.”


Former Congressman Bill Flores

Former Congressman Bill Flores delivered an interactive election outlook, sharing his perspective on the upcoming presidential election and the current state of American politics. The session discussed the current political landscape, the latest polling, and potential regulatory impacts on the energy industry.

He began by polling the audience about their perceptions of the country’s direction. Congressman Flores analyzed the electoral map, suggesting that based on current polling, former President Donald Trump would likely win the presidency if the election were held that day.

He predicted that while the Republicans were well-positioned to retain control of the Senate, some key toss-up races could swing the balance of power.


Vivek Chidambaram, Senior Managing Director at Accenture

Vivek Chidambaram, Senior Managing Director at Accenture, presented practical AI applications in the oilfield and discussed the potential of AI and data analytics to transform the industry.

Chidambaram began by explaining the evolution from traditional AI to machine learning and deep learning and the emergence of generative AI models that can create new content. He further highlighted the potential of these models to transform processes and workflows.

Chidambaram then discussed how these AI advancements will impact the energy workforce, stating, “AI will change where most of the money is being spent in the industry. It will change the way that we allocate capital. Generating new content will be applicable in these spaces.” He explained that while 25% of current activities could be automated, the workforce would be augmented rather than replaced.

In closing, Vivek emphasized the importance of understanding the capabilities and limitations of different AI models and bridging the gap between technology experts and domain experts.


The Offshore Operator’s Perspective Panel

The Offshore Operator’s Perspective panel, moderated by Jim Wicklund, Managing Director, Client Relations & Business Development at PPHB, discussed the future of offshore energy production. Panelists Jeremy Thigpen, Transocean and Frank Garcia, Murphy Oil Corporation, shared insights on technological advancements, the growing desire for long-term contracts, and the importance of filling the gap in energy demand worldwide.

Discussing international operations, Frank Garcia pointed out the critical nature of the industry in overcoming energy poverty, stating, “As an operator, we look at potential risks and rewards and then try to find ways to mitigate the risks. And when we look at entering a country in the West African region, we look at the government relative to its peers. It’s somewhat more stable, and importantly, the country has high aspirations to attain the quality of life we have here in the United States. They want to take actions that will improve their quality of life. They want everybody to have electricity so they can turn the lights on and on, and their kids can do homework.”

Jeremy Thigpen touched on the importance of developing our workforce talent so that we can replicate ongoing performance, discussing what they call “critical operations assurance centers” and the implementation of technology to ensure safety and reliability.

“[The centers operate with] subject matter experts, live feeds from the rig and go to critical processes. You have to be right. You can’t go forward on the rig without the approval of the decision teams. Processes like this ensure that we’re getting the same consistency and quality across the fleet, no matter where we operate.”

Jeremy Thigpen, Transocean.


Onshore Operator’s Perspective Panel

Austin Harbour, Managing Director-Energy & Power, Piper Sandler, moderated the Onshore Operator’s Perspective Panel. The panel includes industry experts Steve Chesher, EQT Corporation and Mary Ellen Lutey, SM Energy.

The discussion provided insights into the current state of the energy industry, particularly the natural gas sector. Lutey highlighted how the industry has adapted to the shifting market dynamics by leveraging the diverse asset base in the Permian Basin and South Texas. She noted, “We’re fortunate to have not only the Permian, which is quite oily but also our South Texas asset. About half of the acreage position is in the condensate-rich area. We’ve had that as a big advantage in terms of reallocating capital as necessary.”

Chesher discussed how gas-heavy producers have reacted to the recent price decline by curtailing activity, which the market has rewarded. He explained that “gas-heavy producers, maybe for at least the first time since the advent of shale, reacted to the recent price decline and gas by meaningfully curtailing activity. In a really public way, the market responded by rewarding the gas-heavy operators.”

The panelists also touched on the evolving relationship between E&P operators and their service providers, noting the need for a more collaborative approach to drive efficiency and maintain profitability for all parties.


New Energies Panel

The new energies panel, moderated by Sal Pareja of Goldman Sachs, featured industry experts using our industry’s latest innovations to improve efficiency and performance. Panelists included Brad Harmon, Senior Director of Asset Management at EDP Renewables North America; Claire Behar, Chief Commercial Officer at Hy Stor Energy; and Lawrence Cresci, COO / Head of Operations at John Cockerill Hydrogen NA.

The conversation centered around the impact of changing interest rates on energy project funding, with Sal Pareja highlighting the need for risk-sharing and strategic relationships to develop resilient supply chains. Speakers also discussed potential growth opportunities in the energy sector, supply chain disruptions, and workforce development.


In their outgoing address at the 2024 Energy Workforce & Technology Council Annual Meeting, the departing chairs, Brian Groody and Daniel Hindes, reflected on the industry’s resilience and achievements during their tenure.

Groody emphasized the theme of “Capturing the Future,” highlighting the industry’s dedication to innovation and proactive adaptation. He stressed the importance of setting new standards and investing in training programs to ensure a strong foundation for the industry’s future.

Hindes echoed this sentiment, praising the dedication and collaboration of EWTC members in creating new programs and materials and emphasizing the importance of the industry’s collective strength in overcoming challenges. In closing, they expressed gratitude for the membership’s support and called for continued commitment to shaping a brighter future for the Energy Workforce & Technology Council and the industry as a whole.


Industry Member Engagement Award

The Industry Member Engagement award is presented at the Annual Meeting each year to the Member Company that has made extraordinary strides in engagement. This includes serving in leadership positions, getting their teams involved, serving on committees, hosting programs at their facilities and

sponsoring activities. The engagement is tracked throughout the year, tallied at year-end, then scaled for company size.

The winner of this year’s Industry Member Engagement Award is MustangCAT.



Energy Workforce has distributed many awards over its illustrious 90-year history. This year marked the inaugural presentation of the Allied Member Engagement Award, recognizing an Allied Member Company that has demonstrated exceptional engagement efforts.

Energy Workforce’s Allied Members are companies that supply services, products, or equipment to industry members of the Association.  These companies are a valuable part of the Energy Workforce as they provide industry-level insights and market intelligence.

The winner of this year’s Allied Member Engagement Award is Piper Sandler.


2024 Annual Meeting Participants came together to celebrate excellence in the energy workforce at the Awards Breakfast, recognizing outstanding contributions and achievements in our industry.

Congratulations to our award winners:

Chapter Champion Award: Deidre Toups, Division President of StabilDrill, Superior Energy – Completion Services, and HB Rentals, Superior Energy Services

Chapter Champion Award

People & Culture Award: Megan Lally Oberly, Vice President, Marketing & Product Management, Helmerich & Payne

People & Culture Award

Emerging Executive Award: Shankar Annamalai, SVP Emissions Technologies & Permian Geomarket, ChampionX

Emerging Executive Award

Industry Training Leadership Award:

-Bob Chitwood, Advisor to CEO, Key Energy Services

-Matt Hooker, SVP Well Services, Ranger Energy Services, LLC

-Ken Houston, VP HSE, Key Energy Services

-Gary Olliff, COO, Brigade Energy Services

-Leroy Pangle, Special Projects, Brigade Energy Services

-Steve O. Vorenkamp Sr Business Partner, Vorenkamp Well Control Training

Industry Training Leadership Award

Community Impact Award: Mickey McKee, President & CEO, Kodiak Gas Services, Inc.

Community Impact Award

Outgoing Board: Chuck Chauviere, President, Pressure Control Systems, HMH and Marshall Dodson, President & CEO, Key Energy Services

Outgoing Board

Energy Workforce would like to thank all participants, speakers and sponsors. Plans are underway for the 2025 Annual Meeting in Frisco, TX, and registration is open.

The 2024 Annual Meeting would not have been possible without the generous support of the following sponsors.

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