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EWTC Launches New Well Stimulation Services Working Group on Surface Operations

Energy Workforce & Technology Council’s Well Stimulation Services Committee has launched a new working group with a focus on best practices and safety in surface operations. These guidelines will address the latest technologies, methods and materials to establish an industry standard for surface operations while performing hydraulic fracturing services.

Energy Workforce Board Member and Well Stimulation Services Committee Chair Ron Gusek, President, Liberty Energy is leading the working group along with representatives from NexTier, ProFrac, ProPetro and STEP Energy Services.

The working group will address industry-wide changes in operations that should be considered throughout the new document, including remote fracing, coil tubing considerations and mobile pressure management. Additionally, the group will consider new technologies like model lines, automation and safety aspects related to sand handling. Challenges arising from these new technologies, such as the proper use of electricity and natural gas on location, will also be addressed in the document.

The Surface Operations guidelines document is the second safety publication developed by the Well Stimulation Services Committee, joining the “Industry Guidelines – Hydraulic Fracturing with New Technologies and Innovation” released in March 2023. Through the forward-thinking and active engagement of Well Stimulation Services Committee Members, the industry as a whole will reap the benefits of these enhanced safety standards.

If your company performs hydraulic fracturing operations and would like to join the Well Stimulation Services Committee, contact Senior Director Government Affairs Deidre Kohlrus.

Deidre Almstead Kohlrus, Senior Director Government Affairs, writes about industry-specific policies for the Energy Workforce & Technology Council. Click here to subscribe to the Energy Workforce newsletter, which highlights sector-specific issues, best practices, activities and more.


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