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How Does Lean Culture Drive Lead Time Reduction?

The PESA Supply Chain Committee held a roundtable, Lean Culture Driving Lead Time Reduction, on September 26, hosted by NOV


LEFT to RIGHT: Erin Collins, Forum Energy Technologies; Art Travis, Kerr Pumps & FlowValve; Pravin Tampi, Newpark Drilling Fluids

LEFT to RIGHT: Erin Collins, Forum Energy Technologies; Art Travis, Kerr Pumps & FlowValve; Pravin Tampi, Newpark Drilling Fluids

Panelists included Pravin Tampi, VP, Global Sourcing & Supply Chain, Newpark Drilling Fluids and Erin Collins, Director of LEAN, Forum Energy Technologies. Supply Chain committee member Art Travis, Vice President, Planning & Strategy, Kerr Pumps & FlowValve, moderated.

Pravin Tampi shared his perspectives on Lean and discussed the journey his organization has been on to implement Lean processes.

Tampi emphasized the importance of having a vision and commitment throughout the journey. In his personal experience, a cross-functional team was developed to figure how to do a better job and how to streamline processes. In doing so, buyers and planners became more involved, were engaged and had a purpose. They were also able to reduce touchpoints as well as lead time, increasing delivery and decreasing inventory.

[gdlr_quote align=”center” ]“One of our biggest lessons learned was that Lean is not pushing cost to others,” Tampi said. “Lean is about working together to make the whole supply chain smarter.”[/gdlr_quote]

Erin Collins highlighted the theory of one-piece flow, the concept of moving one workpiece at a time between operations within a work cell. In Collins’ opinion, this idea has many benefits, keeps work-in-process (WIP) at the lowest possible level and is the most efficient way to run an organization.

Collins underscored the value of ideas like focusing on outcomes rather than costs, and knowing and understanding value streams. One key insight Collins highlighted was recognizing how an organization’s people are the most important asset and that development and coaching through the Lean process is critical.

[gdlr_quote align=”center” ]“Lean brings a collaborative approach,” Collins said. “You have to actually include the people who are doing the work.”[/gdlr_quote]

Both Tampi and Collins agreed incorporating Lean processes can be a challenge. “It’s a transition of the way we think, and it can be difficult because you are changing cultures,” Collins said. “It should be an organizational transition.”

Following the presentations, the speakers fielded questions from the audience, allowing for open discussion and sharing of best practices.

The PESA Supply Chain Committee holds quarterly roundtable events educating PESA member companies on the various trends, challenges and solutions affecting domestic and global supply chain departments.

If you are interested in learning more about the PESA Supply Chain Committee, please contact Peggy Helfert, Director, Membership Services.



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