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HSEQ Task Force Updates Recommendations for the Oilfield Sector

The PESA HSEQ Task Force reviewed and updated their recommendations for the OFS sector during a conference call April 21. Their work is captured in a best practices document that will continue to be updated to remain current with the rapid changes forced by COVID-19 pandemic.

The task force is seeing a shift in focus from field personnel to office employees. Unlike field personnel that have been practicing social distancing policies for the past month, office employees will be dealing with a new working environment and new policies.

Many companies will require face masks in the workplace. Managers are working on practical policies to let employees know when masks will be required. One possible approach is mandating masks in common areas, and during arrival and departure, while relaxing the requirement in personal offices/spaces and while eating.

Providing sufficient space for social distancing will be important as office workers return to work. Staggering shifts will provide for more space and a better opportunity to adhere to social distancing policies. Some companies are identifying employees who have been successful working remotely and will plan for those individuals to continue to minimize the number of people in common spaces.

For companies with an international presence and employees that live in densely populated areas, social distancing has not been as effective. In some cases, key personnel are being moved to hotels to protect them from further exposure.

Companies are focused on providing a clean work environment. To measure the efficacy of cleaning and decontamination procedures, companies are using swab kits or handheld meters to detect contaminated areas.

Employee communication remains important, and some companies are providing a venue for employees to share their personal best practices as they work remotely. The ability to share how they are dealing with COVID-19 and read the experiences of other employees has the added benefit of connecting them during a time when most have limited social interactions.

For more information regarding the HSEQ Task Force, contact Senior Director Membership Services Peggy Helfert.



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