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PESA Engagement Committee Member Marie Merle Caekebeke, Director ESG Performance & Engagement, Schlumberger, Offers Mental Wellness Resources

This article was written by PESA Engagement Committee Member Marie Merle Caekebeke, Director ESG Performance & Engagement, Schlumberger. 

PESA’s Engagement Committee is deeply focused on promoting and sharing best practices on diversity and inclusion across our industry. We typically highlight gender balance, looking to how we can strengthen our progress on our respective initiatives within the equipment and services sector.

While navigating the COVID-19 situation, however, we must acknowledge that supporting the mental and emotional health of our workforce is also a significant component of diversity and inclusion. Our actions — as companies, as managers and as individuals — play an important role in creating a connected and inclusive workplace at all times and, particularly, during times of crisis. It is our responsibility to instill a stigma-free culture — one that is supportive of mental health and preserves both the well-being of our workforce and our business continuity — with such actions as:

  • providing mental health support through medical insurance plans and Employee Assistance Programs;
  • keeping employees connected and demonstrating care and empathy; and
  • being transparent about best-practices and available resources.

The Global Business Initiative on Human Rights recently published an article highlighting “The Mental Health Considerations for Responsible Business” with valuable recommendations.





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