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PESA Members Invited to Join American Chamber of Commerce in Libya

AmChamPESA Members have been invited by the American Chamber of Commerce in Libya (AmCham) to join their organization.

Commercial activities in Libya by U.S.-based companies are currently limited due to several factors. However, the organization states that general commercial activity is picking up, and they expect that the situation in-country will continue normalizing.

It is estimated that up to 95% of Libya’s GDP comes from oil-related activities, and Libya is home to one of the world’s largest oil reserves. The National Oil Company (NOC) has a great demand for goods and services in almost every area.

PESA Members who join AmCham will receive:

  • A weekly email listing that week’s NOC operating companies’ publicly listed tenders.
  • In the case that a company is interested in receiving the full tender, for a small fee AmCham can obtain the tender and provide it to the member. Some tenders require payment of a tender purchase fee, some do not.
  • In the case that the company is interested in providing a proposal for the tender, AmCham can explain the process to the company, and outline the various ways that a proposal could be submitted, as well as identifying the risks and issues  associated with it. Companies that submit bids do not necessarily have to send any people to Libya. AmCham would be able to suggest any local support that would be required by the bid.

In addition to this specific benefit for PESA members, other benefits of membership include the following:

  • A weekly update of selected developments in Libya prepared by Libya-Analysis
  • Monthly networking event in Tripoli to feature a presentation by a business or government leader together with a security briefing by AmCham Security Partner, Janus Global Operations.
  • Ability to access the AmCham Director and Deputy Director (both resident in Libya) for information requests and general feedback from on the ground. Both the Director and Deputy Director are business owners and involved in many of the same issues effecting all businesses such as company registrations, obtaining letters of credit, banking activities and interactions with various levels of Libyan Government.
  • Future activities are expected to include trade missions to take place in either Tunisia or Libya.

Dues are $800 for the period of one year. For more information, visit AmCham’s website.



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