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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Selected to Participate in U.S.-Mexico Energy Business Council

U.S. MexicoPESA is proud to announce that Tim Tarpley, Vice President Government Affairs, was recently appointed to a two-year term on the U.S.-Mexico Energy Business Council. Tarpley will utilize this position to advocate for PESA Members with operations in Mexico, supporting OFES operations in country and increasing U.S. exports and operations in the market. PESA President Leslie Beyer served a two-year term on this Council from 2016-2017.

On July 17 and 18, Tarpley and the Council joined U.S. Department of Commerce Acting Deputy Under Secretary for the International Trade Administration Diane Farrell, U.S. Department of Energy Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia and the Americas Beth Urbanas, Under Secretary Luz Maria de la Mora of the Mexican Secretariat of Economy, and Deputy Secretary Alberto Montoya of the Mexican Secretariat of Energy at the sixth meeting of the U.S.-Mexico Energy Business Council in Mexico City.

The Council is comprised of private sector representatives from both countries and is committed to exchanging information and industry best practices in order to provide recommendations to both governments on ways to strengthen the U.S.-Mexico relationship on trade, investment and competitiveness in the energy sector.

This was the first meeting where representatives from the Trump Administration and Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador’s Administration met with energy stakeholders to highlight the importance of the United States-Mexico energy relationship, share priorities for the energy sector and identify opportunities for collaboration on areas of mutual interest.

During the meeting, representatives underscored the importance of promoting comprehensive energy security for both countries. Specifically, the Council presented nine recommendations. Relevant highlights for PESA members include:

  • Promote technology sharing among both countries
  • Build more midstream and downstream infrastructure in Mexico
  • Expand the North American Development Bank to invest in energy infrastructure
  • Maintain free trade of good, services and equipment
  • Allow the use of new fracking technologies to boost Mexico and Pemex’s untapped resources
  • Develop international transboundary agreements related to the exploitation of transboundary hydrocarbon oil fields with a focus on the Gulf of Mexico

The next step for the Council will be the creation of a work plan for implementation of the recommendations. Mexico is the United States’ second-largest energy trading partner, and continues to be one of the most important destinations for U.S. exports of energy-related equipment, technologies and services. Additionally, the United States is the largest buyer of Mexico’s crude oil exports. PESA will continue to promote the interests of our member companies through the Council and through the Mexico Task Force.

For more information about PESA’s work on the council and/or the Mexico Task Force, please contact Tim Tarpley, Vice President Government Affairs.



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