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2020 State Legislative Outlook: Louisiana

As state legislatures begin their 2020 sessions, topics affecting the oil and gas industry will once again be on the agenda. Here are some issues to watch in Louisiana.

Gov. John Bel Edwards is expected to continue his pursuit for more coastal restoration dollars from the oil and gas industry. While pushback is expected from a majority of lawmakers pointing to ongoing litigation, experts believe this initiative will be successful. There is hope that tort reform might help lower skyrocketing car insurance rates, and that tax reform will result in lowering taxes for state residents.

Medical marijuana continues to be a hot topic at the Capitol. Approved for use in the 1970’s, tight restrictions limited patient’s access until a 2016 bill that regulates growing facilities and licenses doctors and pharmacies was passed. Supporters are pushing for more medical conditions to be covered, giving access to more patients. The business community continues to have concerns about worker safety and the ability for recreational workers to bypass drug testing.

For more information on state policy outlooks, contact Senior Director Government Affairs Kristin Hincke.



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