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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Advisory Board Member Dave Christmas Shares Leadership Toolkit With Future Industry Leaders

dave-christmasPESA Advisory Board Member Dave Christmas, CEO, Fluid Delivery Solutions, provided attendees with his personal leadership toolkit during a leadership forum on March 11.

The 12-point system, which Christmas developed over the course of his career, includes the key factors individuals need to excel in leadership roles. Christmas’ list includes communication skills, customer focus, quality, governance, and health, safety and environment (HSE).

“HSE is not a priority, because priorities change,” Christmas said. “HSE is a ticket to the dance. You need HSE to have a business. It is a moral imperative that takes care of your people. If you don’t have HSE, you’re not taking care of your people, and how could you say you’re a leader?”

Another bullet point included using human resources in an encompassing way to reward and recognize performers, as well as invest in training and development programs. Christmas pointed out how important it is to address problems and challenges as soon as possible rather than delaying.

“Give feedback fast, honestly and quickly,” Christmas said. “If someone makes a mistake, ask them if there is a better way to do that and have them think it through. If someone does something good, pat them on the back.”

At the end of the question and answer session, a participant asked Christmas what he would change about his career. Christmas closed the forum by discussing the importance of work-life balance.

“When you look back over your career, you don’t want to regret missing opportunities to having a meaningful career and time with your family. I believe you can have both if you are intentional about blending the two,” said Christmas.

PESA Leadership Forums provide Member Company high performers with the opportunity to interact with PESA Leadership in an informal setting. Check the PESA Events Calendar for information on our next forum.



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