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Advisory Board Member Mike Reeves Offers Insights Into Developing Company Culture

Mike Reeves Leadership Forum

A company culture needs to be built from the top down, said PESA Advisory Board Member Mike Reeves, President & CEO, Rubicon Oilfield International, during a leadership forum on January 22.

In this forum, Reeves shared his thoughts and insights on proactively defining company culture.

Reeves shared his background and how it brought him to Rubicon Oilfield International. Reeves said that Rubicon saw an opportunity for a consolidation of downhole products through acquisitions when the business was formed in 2015. Once Reeves and the other founders created a platform, from there, anything was possible.

“When you are acquiring other businesses, cultures are uncertain,” Reeves said. “Every organization has a culture that is either actively or passively allowed to evolve.”

Rubicon chose to not be passive and wait for a company culture to develop by itself. Reeves said that the company decided that all acquired organizations would be a reflection of Rubicon’s culture.

Reeves explained that Rubicon decided to define its culture through elimination of “intolerables.” An intolerable is a personal boundary or something that is unbearable and cannot remain in the organization. Reeves said these guiding tenants govern how Rubicon staff interact and what they expect of each other.

Rubicon Intolerables are published throughout the organization and publicly on their website. Reeves said Rubicon attributes its success to implementing intolerables throughout Rubicon, including all acquisitions. Each employee, by choosing to make these commitments, he said, makes a better employee experience and allows customers to easily do business with Rubicon.


  • I will not be afraid to take calibrated risks and if I fail, I will own it, learn from it, and move on!
  • I will not withhold, “sugar-coat” or delay bad news… I will also accept it like an adult.
  • I will not be dishonest
  • I will not pair
  • I will not be defensive towards any constructive feedback.
  • I will not let my team down. I will always be accountable. I will do what I say I’m going to do.
  • I will not undermine the enthusiasm of others. I will embrace my responsibilities with a positive attitude.
  • I will not address real issues unless all the appropriate people are present.
  • I will not put my own needs before that of the team.
  • I will not sit quietly – I will have opinions and share them at all times.

PESA’s leadership forums allow Member Company high performers to interact with industry executives through an open dialogue that is structured around a targeted theme.



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