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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Capturing the Future: State of the Council

Energy Workforce Presidents Tim Tarpley and Molly Determan

Energy Workforce Presidents Tim Tarpley and Molly Determan delivered remarks on the state of the council, discussing the industry’s challenges, including geopolitical instability, supply chain disruptions and regulatory challenges. At every step, EWTC is leading the charge to support the industry and advocate on behalf of its members.

Speaking about the recent changes implemented by the Council, EWTC President Determan stated, “As an association, we’ve dedicated considerable effort to crafting a unified message about our industry, recognizing the prevalence of misinformation in the public sphere. With a membership comprising over 650,000 men and women, it’s imperative that we empower each member with the necessary tools to effectively advocate for our sector.”

They further emphasized the importance of collaboration and sharing best practices among members to improve industry operations, attract and retain talent, and address sustainability concerns.

This summer, EWTC will be rolling out updated best practices documents, the third iteration of the workforce diversity study, and talking points for the industry workforce.

EWTC President Tarpley highlighted the need for reforms to address problematic regulations and promote innovation, emphasizing the success of EWTC in leading coalitions with other trades to call for the passage of permitting reform and providing training for diplomatic government officials on international issues impacting the energy sector.

“EWTC members have worked together throughout the past year to stop bad legislation and regulations that could negatively affect our center and support initiatives that help us all grow,” said EWTC President Tarpley. One of the things we’ve worked very hard on is getting the association to the point where regulators and governments are visible to us and our members when they need to engage with industry. I’m happy to say that we’ve gotten to that point.”

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