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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Energy Workforce Hosts Program on Enhancing the Sales Cycle

Executive Leadership Program: Helping Clients Succeed Program

The Executive Leadership Program: Helping Clients Succeed held its third session this week, hosting 18 participants both in person and virtually. The program allows participants to gain the skills and tools necessary to build strong partnerships and excel in consultative selling. Dave Marcum from Franklin Covey facilitated the event alongside Daryl Fingers from Franklin Covey. Energy Workforce President Molly Determan delivered the opening remarks, welcoming participants to the third session and giving an overview of the program’s schedule.

The third session of the year-long hybrid program focused on the theme “Filling Your Pipeline,” where participants learned how to refine and enhance the sales cycle. They discussed topics such as the challenges and benefits of networking, how to build mutually beneficial relationships, and how to advance their sales pitch.

Participants were given the opportunity to collaborate and share their perspectives on how to successfully build rapport with prospects and ensure the client understands the value of their products.

                “When I first meet a prospect, I try to personalize the conversation from the get-go and figure out the commonalities we have in order to build trust and establish a strong relationship. I also like to focus on helping the client understand who we are and learn what challenges they are currently facing so I can better cater the conversation to their needs.”

– Participant

The group also discussed the importance of referrals, along with learning how to add more depth to their sales pitch.

                “Sometimes in sales, when we are initiating our pitch, we want to cram everything into one sentence. But what we should do is create a teaser for what we offer to get them interested, very similar to a movie trailer.”

– Participant

The third session focused on the positive impact of building relationships and understanding ways to allow prospects to feel instantly connected to the company’s products and mission. By participating in various discussions and role-playing the sales process, the group learned how to elevate their skills and walked away with the confidence to navigate any sales scenario.

For any questions about the programs, contact Vice President Programs & Events Peggy Helfert.

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