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CEO Leslie Beyer Discusses Rising Global Energy Demand on Bloomberg Radio

Energy Workforce & Technology Council Leslie Beyer
Council CEO Leslie Beyer

Council CEO Leslie Beyer joined Bloomberg Radio this week to discuss the consequences of underinvestment in oil and gas among concerns about the global energy market and the impact on the United States with host David Westin.

“In order to lower prices and ensure that America has ample supplies of both oil and gas, domestic energy production should be a top priority encouraged by the Administration and Congress instead of encouraging foreign producers to increase production. No one produces energy cleaner, safer and more securely than the United States.”

Council CEO Leslie Beyer

She told Bloomberg that the Biden Administration needs to make policy decisions that do not inhibit domestic production of oil and natural gas.

“We have enough natural gas for more than 100 years in the United States,” she said. “We’re seeing what’s happening in Europe with underinvestment in oil and gas, and we can avoid that in the U.S. But we absolutely need to make better policy decisions and not dampen U.S. energy production.”

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